Driving Change

Corporate Philosophy

To truely be a green company we try our best to keep our carbon footprint down by minimizing shipping, using localized distribution points and working with Green Organizations.

Community Learning

As Island Life Wholesale grows, we will be offering training on how to get off the grid and show innovative ideas on how to live sustain-ably.   This does not end with power generation but rather with lifestyle choices.  Growing our own food organically, lowering our meat consumption and ideas on how to generate fuel from our waste.  Every time we save energy or produce our own products sustain-ably, we take a load off Mother Earth

Community Learning and Charitable Projects

In following in our third belief, we believe it is our responsibility to give back to the communities who need our help.  Whether it is putting lights in schools or providing clean water to 3rd world villages, we want all our customers to know that it is only with your support that this can be accomplished.  And everytime a product is purchased from ILW, you are building a tribe of supporters who truely make a difference in this world. 

 This is our mission.

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