The Green Revelution

At ILW we believe that we as a people need to start making the right choices when it comes to our day to day energy needs.  This comes in many forms.

Firstly, we need to make ethical choices in our carbon footprint.  How do we do that?  First, we need to decide within ourselves to make the change.  Use less power, drive our cars less.  Ride a bike, walk and get outdoors.

Second, lets use our current technology to get off the grid, stop damming up rivers and burning coal or hydrocarbons to turn on our lights and heat our water.

Thirdly, At Island Life Wholesale, we believe in helping communities with less than we do.  This is what drives us forward.  It is a responsibility of those with more to help those  with less.  See our page Driving Change for more information on our community projects.

Household Solar Solutions

Check out out Solar products ready for installation on your Home, Boat, RV or Cabin!

Wind Power

Whether it is a household, boat, farrn, remote location, camp or hunting cabin, we have the wind solution for you!